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The Best Survival Games: Develop the ultimate survival skills!

If you’re looking for some of the best survival games that are out there, then this article is perfect for you. Survival games are all about being able to protect yourself and your family in a post-apocalyptic world. Whether it be zombies or aliens attacking, these games will show you how to survive!

Why have survival games gained such popularity?

Survival games are what people play when they’re looking for a break from the monotony of their regular lives. They offer players an escape to be the hero in a different world where anything can happen!

These games often inspire people to learn more about survival skills, such as how to grow food or how to build shelter using nothing but natural materials. This is great because it means that when disaster strikes these gamers already know some good strategies for being prepared and keeping themselves out of trouble – which makes them even better survivors than someone who doesn’t game at all!

Top 5 survival games:

– The Long Dark : The Long Dark is the best survival game for those of us who want to do a little more than just scavenge and hide. Players have full control over their own fate by making decisions that both affect themselves and others in the world, all while trying to survive during an apocalyptic ice age.

– Rust: Survival Game : The game Rust is a survival simulator where players are stranded on an island and must scavenge for supplies to help them live. The goal of the game is not only to survive, but also to build your own civilization from scratch while fighting other animal-human hybrids who will do anything in their power to get what they need as well. You can even attack one another if you want! 

– Fortnite : Fortnite is a co-op survival game where players must work together to scavenge for supplies and use them to build shelters. The goal of the game is not only to survive, but also to fortify your buildings as best you can against hordes of zombies who want nothing more than to eat you alive!

– Don’t Starve: Survival Game : Don’t starve is a survival game where players must explore the wilderness in order to find food, shelter and other resources. The goal of this game is not only to survive but also escape from an ever changing world!

– Minecraft : Minecraft is a survival game where players must mine deep underground in order to acquire resources. The goal of this game is not only to survive, but also build structures and fight off monsters that roam the night!

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