Review management software is generally be utilized by businesses to construct a close connection with their buyers to enhance sales and make a certain stream of sales. Based totally on buying records and statistics, patrons’ like and dislikes, perspective about the product and other criteria, you can place your client’s easy-to-use and serviceable categories like new, returning, reliable and so forth.

This type of quality and excellent software solution can gather useful and beneficial insights, information from your interaction records along with your buyers and you can use this perception to get a detailed and in-depth overview of the business environment. Other benefits of review management software include tracking sales opportunities, executing client loyalty campaigns, and developing a sales funnel. However, you can take a look at out different top quality online review management software and tools to discover the exact and precise one for your business needs.


Enables retailers to capture and display ratings, reviews, profiles, photos, videos, questions, answers, and comments from customers. It has a different feature like

  • Campaign Management
  • Dashboard
  • Negative Feedback Management
  • Response Management
  • Review Monitoring
  • Review Notification
  • Review Request
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Sharing

Qualtrics CX

Qualtrics Customer Experience is created for managing the customer experience and designed to acquire patron reviews. It makes use of its personal predictive intelligence engine referred to as iQ to automatically extract deep insights and predict the key drivers of the customer experience of your company. The platform allows you to acquire records of your customers through transactional surveys and pulse surveys, among others. it’s the best solution for optimizing consumer acquisition and leveraging client retention and loyalty. They can easily incorporate customer feedback into their strategies by simplifying the way companies monitor, respond and elevate every and each important component of the customer journey. It additionally allows taking a pulse on consumer reactions and expectancies in a prompt way. Advanced research, analytics and a centralized platform with a view of all your channels are key features. It additionally has ticketing, a structured program, technology-supported workflows, and respondent management automation.

Verified Reviews

It’s a great tool to share and gather customers reviews. This tool has a specialty to convert bad reviews into positive before posting. It has proven to be a great software to enhance visibility, endorse customer ‘s brand loyalty and confidence, and significantly increase lead conversion for many businesses. After purchase, it can analyze customer experience and satisfaction. This gives clients the mind’s peace to understand that there is an impartial, real third party for them to put up a complaint (or compliment) and clients analyzing the reviews are posting by real customers.


HappyFox is a cloud-hosted web-based customer support software. It helps to track and manage all customer support requests in a centralized ticket support system across multiple channels such as email, chats, social media, and phone. Integration with other web applications such as CRM live chats, voice and bug tracking applications make it practical help desk.

Review Stacker is a leading provider of management services for business reputation. The growing customer list of ReviewInc includes major international chains as dental, medical, travel, leisure, property management, retail stores, restaurants, legal services, country clubs, and more. ReviewInc is committed to educating business owners about the power and importance of reviewing and managing customers.

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