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Proper nutrition and hydration required for running.


So, you have made up your mind to run regularly and have selected the perfect location and have got the perfect equipment for yourself. But is your body ready to take on the challenge?

Once you start running or engaging in any form of physical exercise, you’ll quickly learn the importance of eating right and keeping your hydrated.

Always be hydrated:

  • Irrespective of the outside weather, you will lose water through sweat, hence you must keep drinking water before, during and even after you run.While running keep a check on your thirst levels and drink water whenever you are thirsty.
  • The following are some tips to make sure you are hydrated during your long runs and races:
  • Consider hydration as a pillar of success when it comes to running. Your body will demand more water, when put under stress.
  • Begin your hydration process a few days before a long run. If you want to go one step further try out sports drinks, as they contain various energy boosting nutrients.
  • Check the route you will run on and ensure you have proper access to water. If not carry your own water with you.
  • Your hydration process doesn’t end with the run! Make sure your urine isn’t dark yellow in colour, which would mean you are dehydrated. Keep drinking enough water throughout the day so that your body can replenish its lost fluids.

Maintain proper nutrition:

What you put in body during, after or before running has a huge effect on your performance and recovery.

Running does help you burn a good number of calories, but it does not give you the free pass to eat whatever you want.

Before your daily runs make sure you eat something light which is high in carbs but low in most other nutrients.

Never have meals just before the run. Try finish eating about 90 minutes before.

if you planning to run for more than 90 minutes, your body will require energy to sustain itself.

The general idea is to have about a 100 calories after an hour and another 100 calories after 45 minutes. Good food options which are easy to carry during runs are energy gels and sports bars like Think Thin Protein Bar Caramel Fudge.

Right after a long run, you need to restore muscle glycogen. Consume some carbs and protein within half an hour of completing your run.

Running alone won’t give you results. Keep a proper check on your diet and try eating healthy as much as possible.

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