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Points to keep in mind before getting into yoga.



When it comes to yoga one of its main focuses is breathing.

research shows that yoga can have a positive impact on your health by working on your breathing patterns.

According to Jenay Rose a certified yoga instructor, yoga is primarily about your breathing. If you have a proper control over your breathing, half the job is done.


Pose names depend on your instructor and studio, and the names can be referred either in English or in Sanskrit.

It might be a little confusing in the beginning, but you’ll soon get used to it. Otherwise you can always keep yourself informed with the English and Sanskrit names of the common poses.

Some common poses like the child’s pose (balasana) and downward facing  dog (adho mukha svanasana) are incorporated in most yoga classes. Other popular poses include warrior pose and sun salutations.


Most likely your studio will encourage you to bring in your own yoga mat for the class, but in case you don’t own one, they  are often available for  rent at a minor fee.

Check with your yoga studio to understand their protocol. Otherwise, you’re good to go, as yoga is amongst the very few forms of exercise that requires almost no equipment.

Usually studios and gyms will provide all the necessary equipment and props that you  will need which include bolsters, blankets and blocks.

Attire for yoga

Yoga is all about comfort. Select some comfortable, stretchable pants or shorts along with a close fitting top which won’t block your head every time you perform a pose.

Proper etiquette

Yoga class etiquette is no different from any other class.

Respect your teachers, build a healthy bond with your fellow classmates and be disciplined towards the practice.

Small things like turning up on time, switching off your phone during the class hours, and attending the complete class makes a be difference.

Class setting

If you don’t a yoga studio nearby, you can always explore other options. As a studio is not the only place for instruction, and there are other options to consider.

Gyms: today almost all big gyms have yoga classes. And if you are already a member of the gym, you can most likely access the yoga classes with no additional fee.

At home: home is always a great option, as you will be in your space while practicing. Today with the easy availability of internet and smartphones, you can get easy access to online classes from anywhere in the entire world.

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