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Learn how to survive: Top 3 survival games for PC!

There are many survival games for PC that you can play today. You might be looking for an immersive experience or something a little more fast-paced. No matter what type of game you’re looking for, there is sure to be one on this list that suits your taste! Here are the top 5 survival games available right now:

How have survival games impacted the gaming community?

Survival games have built a loyal consumer base over the years. It has changed the way that people approach gaming and has become a form of art. Some survival games are now being used in schools to teach kids about the world we live in.

What is one thing you would recommend for someone looking for a good survival game?

If you’re new to this genre of video games, then I’d suggest starting with Rust or DayZ. These two titles offer different gameplay styles but both include crafting mechanics, open-world environments, and zombies!

They also have some similarities such as player versus player combat which makes them more accessible to newcomers than traditional survival games like The Long Dark.

Top 3 survival games:

DayZ – This open world survival game takes place in Chernarus, which is modeled after the country of Belarus. The goal in DayZ is simply to survive as long as possible while avoiding zombies and other players who want to kill you. It’s set up in a way so that it feels like a real life zombie apocalypse would feel if it were happening today!

Ark: Survival Evolved – This survival game has you exploring a vast procedurally generated world filled with surprises. You can find anything from fossil fuels, or even just raw resources that will let you create weapons and tools for hunting other players.

It also features breeding as well as taming of dinosaurs to help protect your base against other humans who want to steal your belongings!

Rust – Another popular title that’s free-to-play is Rust. It takes place in the country of Chernarus but it offers an open world environment where zombies are less common than DayZ does so combat isn’t quite as intense. There’s still plenty of challenges though like crafting supplies, hunger needs, and more!

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