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Examinations: the strongest pillar of Education! GATE info

“Failure is success if we learn from it”, a famous quote by Malcom Forbes truly puts forward the importance of exams in our lives. We often consider exams as a daunting process of misery that no one likes, without seeing the bigger picture of how it helps in gauging progress and growth, both of which are necessary to sustain yourself in the modern world. The education system is a delicate structure and examinations are the pillars on which it stands, acknowledging your hard work and dedication and motivating you to reach greater heights.

Who can forget those sleepless nights before the exams?! The dreadful experience of stepping inside the examination centre, searching for your roll number on the desks and taking a seat with the answer script and the question paper. All the sweating and feeling sick that always seemed to make you forget all that you have studied and revised over and over again for the last few months. Best gate coaching academy : related post.

GATE info pic
GATE info pic

All these things felt so scary back then, but now I understand those were the times that trained me to become who I am today! Have you ever wondered what is the real purpose behind conducting exams? Read further in the article to know exactly how those stressful times can shape your future.

Think of it like your favourite sports team, which has trainers and selectors to conduct matches to assess which player is good enough to play and what position is best suited for him. Similarly, examinations are the best way to determine what a particular student has learned and where he stands compared to the general standards of the respective subject. It is like a window into the student’s mind showing which part of the subject he likes and which part he has less interest in. exams aren’t all that bad after all if look at how it builds discipline and focus in students. amazzon provides GATE iformations.

Every student today has a unique personality, requiring individual care and nurturing to reach its true potential. Exams are a great way in education where teachers can learn more about their students, what they need, what they are unable to comprehend or what they  excel at, all these becomes very clear through examinations. The scary atmosphere is an addon to the stress levels, that allows the invigilators how the student copes and deals with pressure situations and how they react individually through their actions and gestures. Believe me when I say that later in life, this is the skill that one requires the most, as unlike our education life challenges you with a range of pressure situations! Teachers then use this information in their upcoming classes, helping the students understand and wok on their weaknesses and strengths.

Each one of us has certain strengths and weaknesses, which can be determined through examinations. The teachers are well equipped and experienced in understanding it! Little aspects like teaching a particular chapter might seem so insignificant but teachers use it to identify and judge the attention span and interests of the students. Teachers are able to identify weakness patterns while checking their works. And hence the importance of internal exams before conducting the formal more important examinations. This gives the students and the teachers an opportunity to understand where the weakness lies and give enough time to the students prepare accordingly for the exams. It will give them the required chance to make sure they receive what they truly deserve, which in turn boosts their confidence and motivates them to work even harder next time. Related:  Gate information.

As we grow older the education system becomes increasingly more demanding. With each year you grow both as a person and as student and with that comes a more demanding curriculum. Exams like GATE, PSU and various other Government based tests allow the establishments to gauge whether the applicants can cope up with work pressure and demands. We often tag the idea of dividing students into ranks as harsh and discriminate, but it is the most effective and easy method to completely understand the capabilities and strengths of the students.

Our education behaves like a shield for us while dealing with the pressures of society, how we handle situations, how we react to uncomfortable situations and how we face harsh realities of life. It is like a training we receive in order to excel at the bigger picture called life.So what do you think, are all these benefits and notable advantages enough to justify the stress and pressure caused by exams?


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