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EA Pulls Back the Curtain on Battlefield 2042

The survival game genre has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the emergence of games like Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust. Now, Electronic Arts (EA) is adding their own open world survival game to the list with Battlefield 2042.

In a blog post published last month, EA pulled back the curtain on climate-change

shooter Battlefield 2042 and detailed two of its four modes: survival mode and open world sandbox.

Some people think that video games are a waste of time, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Games can have many benefits such as improving your mental health or even being educational!

 One game in particular is Battlefield 2042 and it’s pretty cool how EA has taken on climate-change by building this shooter around the topic.

Last month, Electronic Arts (EA) pulled back the curtain on their latest combatant to join an ever growing list: Battlefield 2042 – A Climate Change Shooter for PC gamers everywhere with its two modes now revealed.

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While rumors and speculation Wednesday had pointed to Battlefield 2042 introducing a new game mode.

It turns out the newest addition will simply be an overlay onto existing maps in the time of climate change.

Battlefield 2042’s Portal is a community sandbox mode for players to create customized game modes.

This new feature allows Battlefield fans the opportunity to explore their creativity through gameplay with weapons, gadgets, vehicles and other assets from previous games in the series.

I’ve been waiting for this since the day Battlefield 1942 came out! Six maps from older battlefield games will be included: two each from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

All of these old maps are rebuilt in Frostbite engine with destruction mechanics recent Battlefield games have become known for. I can’t wait to see how Caspian Border looks after being remade by DICE’s most powerful game development tool yet!

You can mix and match gear from different eras in your team, but it’s not going to be balanced. For example, if you’re on the World War 2 era Battlefield squad where all of them are using guns that came out before 2043.

when high tech weapons were invented- then they have a big disadvantage against opponents who use futuristic weaponry like lasers or plasma rifles.

The game developers have given players the ability to tinker with some of the mechanics in order for these games to be more balanced. For instance, if you want a less intense experience where weapons don’t do as much damage then you can edit them through something called “The Rules Editor.”

This also means that weaker players who may not be able to keep up on their own will now receive assistance from teammates so they are no longer left behind and lose interest.

Battlefield 2042 comes out October 22 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It’ll support 128-player matches on PC and next-gen consoles. Matches on last-gen consoles will be limited to 64 players.

You’ll be able to experience the most intense game of your life in Battlefield 2042! You can play with up to 128 players on PC and next-gen consoles. On last gen consoles, you get 64 player matches only.

Battlefield 2042 is going live October 22 for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC! It will support a max capacity of 128 players per match on those platforms as well as PlayStation 5 or whatever it’s called (all we know so far). If that wasn’t enough already – IT WILL SUPPORT MATCHES WITH UP TO 256 PLAYERS ON WINDOWS 10 PRO AND LUMIA 920!!!!

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