Is Nutrition Antioxidant Mix good for you?

We all have heard about the various benefits of including nuts in our diets, how they are essentially a powerhouse when it comes to vitamins! But it so difficult to incorporate them into your daily meals. There are so many kinds of nuts available, its easy to get confused and give up on them. But […]

Healthy Choice Chicken Margherita Balsamic:

Do you have a date this weekend and do not know what to cook for your loved one? Or do you feel out of place while ordering at a fancy diner? If yes then just go with Chicken Margherita Balsamic. We often find ourselves lost when it comes to exquisite food items, all of them […]

Is DQ Chicken BLT Salad No Dressing good for you?

Cannot you absolutely resist your well-made chicken salad, dripping with cheese? Or cherish the bowl of healthy and nutritious salad, with some salsa sauce spread evenly, from your local deli? Then you must try out Dairy Queen’s Chicken BLT Salad No Dressing. We live in the world, driven by meat consumption as an essential food […]

What About The Calories In Yellow Split Peas!

Yellow split peas in their natural form are also known as yellow pearl split peas. These peas come from the plants that have been pollinated by a hermaphrodite, meaning one male and one female plant. As you can see, this is one of the most unusual peas to harvest, and yet it is very rewarding. […]

Is protein in nachos – beef and cheese a good source of protein?

Planning to watch a movie on a lazy weekend? Or are you looking for the perfect evening snack? If any then nachos is the way to go. Deliciously flavored, it comes in a variety of options so that you never get bored. Be it movie theatres, restaurants or your very own home nachos has always […]

Is Beef Patty – 70% Lean good for you?

Do you love your juicy burgers, dripping with cheese? Or cherish some well-made meat sandwiches with some salsa sauce spread evenly over each patty, from your local dinner? Chances are they made using Beef patty. We live in the world, driven by meat consumption as an essential food and a source of various nutrients. Protein […]

What about Blackberries in heavy syrup!

If I ask you to name one foo item with all necessary minerals and almost all the vitamins you can think of, what would you say? The answer is Blackberries. We live in a extremely demanding society, taking away all of time in order to sustain yourself. In the midst of this rat race, our […]

Is Ground Beef – 85% Lean good for you?

What comes to your mind when you hear beef? Maybe a juicy steak with some salsa sauce or some smoked short ribs served with mashed potato on a bright sunny morning. Whatever it may be beef meat is popular throughout the world. And why wouldn’t it be! There are very few other items that are […]

Are Almonds truly healthy?

One common snack liked by each and everyone all around the world is Almonds. Easily available, cheap, and packed with nutrients, almonds can easily be categorized as a superfood. They are considered as a powerhouse of nutrition and it is a rich source of vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium. Roasted almonds have been […]

Can you drink creme de menthe straight?

Have you ever wondered why the hell does alcohol taste so bad or are you among those, who never drank again after their first encounter with alcohol?  If yes, then this article on Creme De Menthe is definitely for you! It is natural for any human being to not like the sour and harsh taste […]

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