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Calories and nutrition in vita coco latte: 5 most frequently asked questions


How many calories are in a vita coco latte?

Vita Coco Lattes are made from coconut milk and they provide you with about 230 calories per 16 ounce drink.

Many people are wondering if the Vita Coco latte is a healthy choice of drink.

Is vita coco latte healthy?

Many people wonder about whether or not to order a “Vita Coco Latte” at their favorite coffee shop, and worry that it may be unhealthy for them in some way. The reality is, however, they’re still getting much more nutrients than just drinking regular old black coffee!

vita coco latte nutritional facts

The vita coco latte contains a whopping 7 grams of fat and 10% sugar, which is more than the average person should consume in an entire day.

The Vita Coco Latte may seem like it’s perfect for your morning coffee break but this drink has some major drawbacks to be aware of. With only 146 calories per can, you might think that it would have low amounts of both fats and sugars….but not so fast! The diet disaster comes from all the syrup used on top: there are seven total grams found within just one serving-that’s three times as much as other popular drinks such as skim milk or orange juice (3).

Health effects of consuming vita coco latte

A new study has found that drinking Vita Coco coconut latte may be good for your heart. The researchers discovered this by looking at how consuming the beverage could affect cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes and high triglycerides, two risk factors for cardiovascular disease. They also wanted to see if vita coco’s natural fat might increase HDL or “good” cholesterol—which helps keep arteries clear of fatty plaque deposits- along with lowering LDL or “bad” cholesterol which can cause artery blockages leading to higher blood pressure and strokes. In what they say is the first randomized controlled trial of its kind on a commercially available product containing whole food ingredients (vitamins A & E), these consumer research experts from Philadelphia’s

How many ingredients are in a vita coco latte?

A typical recipe for the drink will include coffee, coconut syrup or extract and milk. Other options that may be added to create different flavors of this beverage can include vanilla essence, chocolate powder or ground cocoa beans. The flavor combinations offered by these variations is vast!

A standard ingredient list in order from greatest quantity first: milk (or soy), sugar, instant espresso granules (to replace some of the water) sweetened condensed skimmed MILK(optional unless you like it very milky–in which case use less than 4 tablespoons).


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