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Calorie friendly food for health:

Have you had enough of waiting around for the perfect summer body every year?! And are you fed up of having all the useless and pseudo healthy food, that have no visible effect on your body and only makes a hole in your pocket successfully? We understand your problem and have come up with the perfect list of calorie friendly food items, that will not only benefit your health, but have a visible effect on your physique!

calorie friendly foods are good for anyone. When it comes to selecting the proper meal plan or rather singular food items to add to your diet, there are certain things you must keep in mind. Which are

  • The calorie content,
  • The cost effectiveness,
  • Taste, and
Smart Ones – Ham and Cheese
Smart Ones – Ham and Cheese

The basic goal is to reach a perfect calorie count according to  what you are trying to achieve or maintain. If you are looking to shed some unwanted fats and have a ripped body then a caloric deficit diet is your go to option. whereas if you are trying to gain some weight and muscles, you must go with a caloric surplus diet. Hence choose the food items according to their calorie content.

And while following a strict diet plan, one shouldn’t go broke! Hence consider how cost effective the item is before adding it to your list. Following a diet in itself is a challenge and on top of that if the meals aren’t tasty it will only make things difficult. Last but not the least, researching and planning is needed but be sure to check that the food items you are looking for is available in your local stores. If all the above criteria are met then you have the perfect calorie friendly food for yourself!

We understand this might be a little intimidating at first, hence we have created the following list with few of the best calorie friendly foods which satisfy all the above criteria:


What is better to start with than a salad?! We all are aware of how having a bowl of freshly made salad can have a huge impacton your overall health. And salads should not be misunderstood as just veggies and leaves, but can also include celery, and fruits which are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Adding cucumber is also a great option as it has a high water content and a result is pretty low on calorie.

The only thing that must be kept in mind while considering salads is that, the basic idea of it is healthy but we often add excess dressing and topping which can increase the overall calorie count of the salad.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, hence it had to be in our list! One of the most calorie friendly and delicious fruits you can get, apples are the go to option is you are looking to lead a healthy life. Apples for their size and shape take a while to consume, and tricksthe brain into believing that the stomach is full. If you do not like apples on their own, you can simply throw them into a salad or into your breakfast bowl, yoghurt or oatmeal. You can even put them into a items like turkey, or chicken sandwich for a pinch of sweetness to balance the protein.


It is unbelievable how low calorie strawberries are, while still containing plenty of flavour, and a bunch of antioxidants and Vitamin C. An entire cup of strawberries, will set you back by just 50 calories! spread a little homemade yogurt over it, chop them into your salad or cereal, blend them into a shake or turn them into a sweet strawberry salsa, they are highly versatile.


Considered the best breakfast option for athletes, Oatmealis one food item that everyone must incorporate! Oatmeal requires a lot of water, and is packed with fibre, both of which make it a great option to stay off those hunger pangs, while using very few calories. The perfect way to start the day, make yourself a tasty bowl of Oatmeal!


100 grams of eggs contain just 52 calories and those in turn are packed with protein. Our suggestion would be to consume the yellow of the egg, as well as it packs half of the protein! Consume it boiled, half-boiled, even scrambled preferably in low oil and you get just 80 calories! Just be sure that if you are adding butter or oil, keep a check on the amount added to avoid increasing the overall calorie count of the eggs.

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