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A list of New survival games 2021 that needs to be added to your collection

When the Corona virus epidemic forced people to stay at home, the gaming industry needed to keep producing games so that players could enjoy them while they were cooped up at home. 2021 saw the release of many new games as well as sequels of popular games that could be played in PC and various other platforms. The new survival games have provided players with the opportunity to enjoy some of the finest genres of games, as well as new techniques and large settings to explore. This post will offer you with a list of the most anticipated survival games due in 2021.

A list of survival games for 2021

The survival games have been played by gamers since a long time and games are getting more and more interesting and intriguing. This year the creators have made sure that the survival game lovers get to experience some incredible gaming experience. Below is the list of new survival games that players are looking forward play and enjoy.

  1.     Icarus

If you’ve played DayZ, this game will undoubtedly pique your attention. You’ll find yourself on an extraterrestrial planet that was just discovered. This game allows you to mine on a piece of land you’ve purchased and discover some unique materials.

On a foreign planet you need to be always careful of dangers that might be lurking around the corner and you need to keep your resources in check so that you will not fall short of it anytime soon. As you proceed the game becomes more interesting and a bit more difficult to endure. This is a co-op game that can be played as a team.

  •         Developer: RocketWerkz
  •         Publisher: RocketWerkz
  •         Platforms: PC
  •         Release: November 20, 2021
  •         Co-op: Online


  1. Outpost glacier

Doom Lord has created a unique gameplay in this new survival game. This game will give you an opportunity to work as an Apollo Corp member posted in the deep northern glaciers. The harsh climate and the presence of tundra makes it difficult to survive so you need to stack up resources just to keep yourself alive. You also need to make sure that the power in the station doesn’t die. This is a multiplayer game that is available for you on your PC.

  •         Developer and publisher: Doom lord Interactive
  •         Platforms: PC
  •         Release: 2021
  •         Co-op: Online
  •         Competitive Multiplayer: TBA


  1. Valheim

Here you are transformed into a Viking warrior who is stranded in Norse wilderness. This is in the genre of new survival games where you need to craft weapons, construct a strong shelter and confront your enemies of Odin. So prepare for the battle and make sure that your homestead is strong enough to keep the enemies away.

  •         Developer: Iron Gate AB
  •         Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing
  •         Platforms: PC
  •         Release: February 2, 2021
  •         Co-op: Online
  •         Competitive Multiplayer: N/A


  1. Undying

This new survival game can get you a bit emotional as the main character named Anling is a victim of a zombie attack and is infected. She does everything she can to protect her son and prevent him from suffering the same fate. As the game progresses, Anling is getting closer to the point where she must either transform fully or perish. Your major goal is to train her son for survival and to keep him away from the undead. Let’s wait and see if you’ll need to defend him from his own mother.

Prepare yourself for a spine chilling experience

All these games are the upcoming new survival games 2021 that are already on the market or are preparing to be released by the end of the year. So try out these new games and have fun while playing extremely tense games that will give you a spine-chilling experience and have you keep coming back for more.



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